Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Brianna!

It was my daughter Brianna’s Birthday and we all had so much fun!
She wanted to have an outfit inspired by Princess Rapunzel and so I did this for her and Robin.
brianna rap ww copyrob rap1 copyBrianna rapunzelrobin rap
I got some cute buckets at Target and filled them up with yummy candy and Tangled toys.2011-05-01 Brianna's 4th Birthday 0462011-05-01 Brianna's 4th Birthday 043
I also made these SUPER YUMMY Cake pops, super easy to make and delicious!2011-05-01 Brianna's 4th Birthday 060 copy

I won a Birthday Party at ARTWORKS thanks to MACARONI KIDS, I can’t believe how much fun we had, it was amazing! The kids got to make all sorts of creative things, and they really didn’t want to leave.
bri rob rap 1 copy

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