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If you don't see what you're looking for, don't worry! I am a designer and I can create almost anything you can think of.

I take pride in every single item I create. My prices are not cheap at all and you'll probably be able to find similar items somewhere else but my quality is exceptional and I take pride in every single item I create, that's the main reason why my customers keep coming back year after year for their very special Birthday Shirts.

I do not offer discounts for multiple items nor for friends and family. Each item is created by me and only me and it takes the same time to create and it also costs me the same.

My prices are non negotiable, trust me I have been doing this for a long time and I know exactly what is the fair price for my creations. Once you have one of my items in your hands you will agree with me.
I have a little store setup here of the items I sell more often, you can go ahead and buy there, DO please check what shirts are available here or send me an email to make sure I have the exact style you are looking for.

If you rather pay directly thru PayPal send me an email and I will invoice you.


Your order is NOT scheduled until your payment has been cleared. I have a very large amount of orders and very little time to complete them and I schedule customers in the order I receive payments.
I do not start any work until payment is made.

You can email me at

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